I’m head over heels with Kiko’s Gel Look top coat! I didn’t even know they had this Nail Care range until a few weeks ago, when I decided to start using proper base coat as per recommendation of you, guys! Kiko currently has all their nail polishes and base/top coats on sale for €2.50 (only limited editions are full price, €4.90), so I figured it was perfect opportunity to try a few things.

This is Kiko’s Gel Look top coat over Catrice’s Ultimate Nudes 01 “Karl Says Très Chic” from their latest renewed range of nail polishes.



Kiko’s Gel Look top coat first!

What I like:

– It’s incredibly shiny and glossy. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like this, unless it involved nail salon procedures.
– It’s fast drying, despite the formula being really thick.
– It’s chip resistant for up to 5-6 days (I removed last manicure after I got bored of the color, not because it chipped).
– Can be easily removed using gentle formula nail polish removers, no acetone required.

What I don’t like:

– It does have a tendency to form micro bubbles, especially if applied really thick. I’d say I get one bubble on every 3rd nail or something like that. Good news is that they’re sooooo tiny that you wouldn’t notice, unless you’re an absolute perfectionist and use a magnifying glass (there’s a bubble on my index finger nail on the photo, see if you can spot it).
– While it keeps nail polish chip free for a decent period of time, I noticed that I get fine crack lines on the surface by the 3rd day of wear. Again, really hard to notice, but I’m going for complete disclosure here.

Now onto Catrice Ultimate Nudes 01 “Karl Says Très Chic”. I already did a quick overview of the new range they came up with this year. I have nothing new to add about the formula, except to confirm once again that it’s great in every way, I have no complaints whatsoever. But isn’t this the most sophisticated pink nude ever?? You would expect a shade like this from some high end brand’s permanent range. It’s just such a classy and expensive-looking color.